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New Year, New News - Welcome to 2024

Happy 2024! I hope everyone is off to a nice start for the new year. I wanted to take some time to deep dive into my plans for the coming 2024! As always, goals throughout the year change or just don't happen. As you can see above, I've only did like half my goals, but that's okay. This isn't a 100% for sure, definitely happening type of list. This is a 'I hope I fit all this in' type of list. So let's get a little deeper!


Losing the Rhythm in the Needing Harmony series

Being Patient in the Monster Academy series

Toiling Darkness by Jaye Ann

1 Vella story completed under Jaye Ann

So for the Vella story, I found it wasn't my thing. I used to be a very active writer on Wattpad, so I was familiar with the style and thought I'd enjoy it. Turned out, I didn't. Now that I self-publish my stories, I just don't have the time to write in that style and be comfortable with what I was releasing. So I did Ever Unlasting Book 1 on Vella and even started the second book there before ending it. I've opted instead to spend more time with the story and publish under Jaye Ann for 2024. It was an experiment for me to try, and one I decided not to continue with.


Holding the Tempo (NH 4)

Staying Strong (MA 5)

Thinking Critically (MA 6)

1-2 Discord exclusive stories

So, good news! Holding the Tempo is in revisions, so that will come out in the next couple of months, once I smooth out some wrinkles! This book will have two songs - one of them already done and recorded! I'm aiming for a release in March, but don't hold me to that.

I have failed in the Monster Academy world. I don't know. I have a good chunk of Book 5 written and once I wrap up all the work around Holding the Tempo, plan to finish it and get it out there for you. Also, to note, the title did change from Staying Strong to Facing Conflict instead. I have to say, this book may be challenging to write, but things are happening! Fun things! Romancey things! Woot!

For the Discord exclusive story - I posted some chapters and then kind of stopped - so I do want to finish that story. I also want to play with the format for a more friendly way for people to read on Discord. So I'll be messing around with that more and then aim to finish that story this year.

Now for 2024 Goals:

Needing Harmony: I plan to release two books this year. One in the first part of the year, and the second toward the end of the year. I don't think it's too crazy an idea and I really want to do it this way for reasons that I'll share at a later date. (Hopefully.) We are probably at the halfway mark for this series. I hope to complete this series in 2025!

Monster Academy: Again, two books! Not much else to say. This is planned to be a long series, so I need to just keep chugging along and remind myself to write the story I want to write.

2 Jaye Ann stories: So as mentioned above, I wrote a Vella story. The series is called Ever Unlasting. I plan to release two books under my Jaye Ann pen name in 2024 for this series. A little more on Jaye Ann. My pen name isn't doing so well, so I'll also be doing some adjustments to how I approach this name while I build it up more. Wish me luck! And if you haven't, I suggest checking out the books and showing them some love.

Finish Discord exclusive story: As planned and mentioned already, I plan to finish the Discord story. Discord exclusive stories are posted in my Discord. Join if you're interested! Once the story is completed in Discord, revised, edited, and ready for publishing to the world, my Discord community gets the book for free!

Be better at social media: I'm terrible at it. Absolutely terrible. I know. So I'll be working harder to be more present on Facebook, Instagram, and in my Discord. I'm still staying away from TikTok - it isn't a platform I'm a fan of though I know it's great for the book community.

And now you have my 2024 goals! What do you think? Anything you're looking forward to? Let me know!

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1 Comment

Jan 20

Just found your series "Needing Harmony" very excited and enjoyed to find a new series similar to C.L. Stones' "Academy Series " ! C.L.Stone is currently up to her 17th book and more to come. Your series could go just as far as hers. She has become wildly successful with that series and I loved it. Hope you will continue this series as long as hers. It will be a great series and as successful as hers also!

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