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Needing Harmony

Music is her life, her obsession, and sometimes, her hell.

Join Cadence Wiles as she tries to figure out her life at seventeen-years-old. As if being a senior in high school isn't enough, Cadence has to also explore her newfound freedom and what it really means to be an adult. And the five boys who are willing to go on that journey with her don't necessarily make it easier for her too. Cadence's life may be difficult, but she is more than willing to fight to make it everything she wants it to be. Even if that means walking against the flow of harmony.

This is a young adult contemporary romance with heavy music themes and slow-burning reverse harem elements. Grab your tissues because this journey isn't going to be the easiest for Cadence and her friends.

Each song in this series has been turned into a lyrical music video. Can you check these out on my YouTube channel.

Available as an audiobook:

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