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I'm not all about series. While I definitely prefer them and seem to can't not turn a book into a series, sometimes, I succeed in writing a single book meant to stand all by itself. This is where you will find them.

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A Bloody Reign: Queen Collection

Release Date: January 15, 2020


Sometimes, the weight of the crown is too heavy.

Queen Literia is at her limit. She’s been forged by war and doesn’t know how to live in peace. Her mind is chipping away at her, the darkness threatening to undo everything she fought so hard for. She has bled for Ularia, and she thought it’d be enough. But now her country wants more than her blood. They want her dead.

The crown may be too heavy, but Queen Literia is always willing to make the hard choices. Always. Even if those around her hate her for it.

This is a short 25k word story that is part of The Queen Collection project.