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Standalone Books

I'm not all about series. While I definitely prefer them and seem to can't not turn a book into a series, sometimes, I succeed in writing a single book meant to stand all by itself. This is where you will find them.

THE-GOAT-QUEEN final cover.jpg

The Goat Queen: The Royal Celestials


No one is more more ambitious than a Capricorn, and especially Cybele Dawn.

After seeing what the surrounding queendoms have achieved once they found their True Queen, Cybele wants that for Nashira as well. And she'll have that happen, even if it means fighting against the Eraclese to get to The Chamber to dismantle those power-hungry rats.

The moment she dedicated herself to that mission, she had to turn her back on her family, gain power within the Shiran military, and prove her worth. She'll protect her people. She always has. And while The Chamber relentlessly searches for the True Queen to make her their puppet, it's unfortunate for them that she's been right under their noses the entire time.

Faerie Kissed


Who am I? Josie Evans or Joslyn Naevana? Even I don’t know anymore.


My sister made a mistake years ago, and I was the one to pay the price. The day I was dragged to Faerie was the day I lost everything: my friends, my family, and my lovers. For a hundred years, I suffered for it as Faerie twisted me into the queen that she wanted: Joslyn Naevana.

Now I have to return back to the human realm to hunt down a rogue fae. If I don’t find him, worlds will clash, and no one will survive that kind of realm-shattering destruction. It was supposed to be easy. Slip in, slip out. But then they appear before me. Foster, Jason, and Waylon. In their world, only ten years have passed, long enough to create a life without me.

How can I fix the passage of time with a chasm of secrets sitting heavily between us? They were trying to move on from losing me, and I’m scared to even look at them because I’m not who they used to know. I’m not that carefree innocent girl anymore.

I’m a murderer. A survivor.

I’m not even human anymore.

Jaliza Book Cover.jpg

A Bloody Reign: Queen Collection


Sometimes, the weight of the crown is too heavy.

Queen Literia is at her limit. She’s been forged by war and doesn’t know how to live in peace. Her mind is chipping away at her, the darkness threatening to undo everything she fought so hard for. She has bled for Ularia, and she thought it’d be enough. But now her country wants more than her blood. They want her dead.

The crown may be too heavy, but Queen Literia is always willing to make the hard choices. Always. Even if those around her hate her for it.

This is a short 25k word story that is part of The Queen Collection project.

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