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Jaye Ann Standalone

I'm not all about series. While I definitely prefer them and seem to can't not turn a book into a series, sometimes, I succeed in writing a single book meant to stand all by itself. This is where you will find them.

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Toiling Darkness

No one knows Darkness once went by Akhlys and nearly destroyed the world. She’s a myth and is fine with that. After thousands of years of persecution, she only wants to be left alone. The simple life she built for herself is interrupted by an old friend’s machinations and the best choice she can make is to leave town quickly.

But someone else is willing to risk everything by creating a slauve cursed to kill her. Darkness’s current disguise can only do so much and she works to stay one step ahead of the dangerous slauve as she searches for his master. If she isn’t fast enough, the slauve will soon kill her.

Join Darkness as the past comes back to hunt her down and she has to find comfort in who she really is.

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