Gifted Anomalies Series

Gifted Anomalies is a series that will follow four different women through a journey of love, politics, and dangers. Each book in the series will be in the viewpoint of one of the women, with each woman starring in multiple books until their full stories are unfolded. Will you take this tremulous adventure with them?

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Fate Foretold

Release Date: March 8, 2019


For two years, Adalyn Kabos has avoided death.


Among the gifted, she's different, and a powerful man knows this. As Adalyn uses her Seer gift to stay ahead of her enemies, she runs into the arms of four men. While she should rejoice that they're more than willing to help, there's only one problem.


They'll die too.


Now it's a race against Fate as Adalyn pushes her gift further. Will she be able to prevent the deaths of her new friends, or will all of them fall victim to those filled with greed?