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April 2022 Check-In

This is not a prank, I promise!

1. All the Discord – Needing Harmony Book 1 is now available! And it’s gotten a ton of positive feedback, so check it out if you haven’t already. A definite must read.

2. I’m not done with this release just yet. This month, I plan to get the next two full songs out on YouTube for people. I’m also finalizing the paperback AND hardcover. AND swag. I ordered two pieces of swag for this series – magnets and bookmarks!

3. I’m looking into opening a ‘store’ for all my books, so readers can buy from me directly, that means access to my swag too. I just need to make decisions about how I want to do this and best practices.

4. This month’s focus (not counting my ghostwriting project) is the second book to Needing Harmony! Woooo Finding a Melody will be out before you know it! Later this month, I’ll finalize the preorder and all those details. Right now, I have it planned to be coming out in June/July, but once I really start to focus on it, I can narrow that date down for you all!

That’s it for now!

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