Adultng Not Allowed Series

Follow Madison "Maddie" Daniels as she learns about what it takes to be an adult while caring for her twin nephews and finding love in three men who jump into her life.

This is a sweet contemporary reverse harem romance with a comedic flair.


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Scalding Hot Chocolate

Release Date: December 16, 2019


Adulting should be illegal.

Just when I think I’m getting a routine down with my adorable twins, I’m faced with new problems. My

Well, I adapt. If I have anything good going for me, it’s that I’m a river, ever-flowing. Plus, rivers have waterfalls and rainbows. I like waterfalls and rainbows. But now I need to adult fast because having two tiny things relying on me is hard. I have to be—dare I say it—responsible. Ick. I hate that word.

I’m a woman who adores childish things. I prefer being called Maddie over Madison. I like frilly dresses, and tickle fights, and hot chocolate, and coloring, and swing sets. I avoid adulting like I do broccoli, and my therapist says that’s okay. We all have our hobbies. I think my therapist is full of it, but he hasn’t steered me wrong yet. At least I don’t think he has. So, what am I supposed to do when tragedy hits my family once again and I’m left with twins?
stepmonster is out to get me again. She likes to think she can prove a point, but I’m older now. I won’t let her stomp on me anymore. She better prepare for a fight.

And apparently, I have three men on my side. They’re willing to prove they’ll help me. I’ll believe them the day I finally see the elusive unicorn. But they’re there and I can’t stop blabbering like an idiot long enough to tell them to go away.

Don’t worry. I got this. I think.

Sizzling Hot Apple Cider

Release Date: March 25, 2020


I can adult like a boss when I need to. But should I have to?

I have a dilemma. A huge one. Can I remain as Maddie or do I need to finally grow up and be Madison Daniels, the responsible young adult? My evil stepmonster is out to spirit away my adorable twins, and someone is out to get me, spreading ridiculous lies to my clients. If those are the only issues I’m facing, I think I’d be okay. Maybe. Possibly.

But things with Koen, Dayton, and Bryce are changing. They’re always there, supporting me, and being all nice. It’s confusing. I want things I never imagined I’d want before, and they aren’t thoughts meant to be shared outside of my crazy imagination. They’re pulling me three different ways and I have no clue what to do with that.

Who will I be once this mess is all over? I’m afraid to find out.

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