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May 2022 Check-In

May is my vacation month, so the first half of the month, I’m off doing something! I wish I can say I write a lot more during this time, but I never do. Either way, I’ll get what I can done.

1. All the Discord is going strong still, with paperback and hardcover now available on Amazon. Once I get back from vacation, I’ll work toward making copies available through me so that you can get signed copies with swag attached. (

2. Working through Finding a Melody. Preorder is now available for a July 25th release date. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder now so you can forget about it until release date and it’s already there for you to read! (

3. I’m slowly working on the fourth book to Monster Academy now. That release date will be after NH2, but it’s coming later this summer!! Once I have a book cover, I’ll be sharing, so stay tuned for that information.

For now, that’s it, though I’m sure there are other projects I’ll be poking at this month.

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