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Jaliza A. Burwell

AKA Jaye Ann


     My name is Jaliza Burwell and I'm a writer.

​     Okay, okay, more information. I love writing about fantastical worlds and the people who live in them. Once in a while, I'll toss in some contemporary to keep things real.

​     I am a proud auntie of seven: three nieces, three nephews, and one wily cat. I'm also that annoying roommate who doesn't know how to shut up. When I'm not harassing my family or friends, you can find me reading or walking around aimlessly, pretending to contemplate about life.

     I hold a B.A. in English Creative Writing with a minor in chemistry, just because I could. I also have a M.A. in Publishing and Writing. With all that in my background, I like to think I know things, when really I don't.

     What do I write? Fantasy. All things fantasy! With romance, and men. Lots of men, because why not?

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