Monster Academy Series

Meet Adeelah Neutral, the founding headmistress of Neutral Academy. When the Natural community is violently unveiled to the human world, it falls on Adeelah and the Neutral family to find peace. Adeelah's solution? Neutral Academy! A place for Natural children to learn and grow in a safe environment.


Will you join the headmistress in protecting the kiddies?


Join in on this Academy series with a twist! This isn't a story just about young impressionable children, but about the headmistress who has taken up the challenge of shaping them into who they will become.

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Lesson One: Finding Allies

Release Date: September 15, 2019


Lesson One: Find allies who are willing to go down with you.


As a Neutral family member, I, Adeelah Rylie Neutral, promise to uphold the peace of all Naturals. When I made that vow, I never knew I’d be put to the test. One event cascaded into another, and before anyone could grasp what was going on, all the Naturals were being dragged out of the darkness. Then, the real challenge began.


I’m expected to pave the way, to find a solution to keep the Naturals safe against the humans who fear too much for little reason. There’s just one problem. I’m the black sheep in the family, born broken. I’m not immortal like I should be and my clock is ticking. But being more human than everyone else doesn’t stop me from doing my job.


My peaceful solution? An academy.


My biggest challenge? Surviving until the first day of classes.


At least I have three handsome Naturals who are on my side. I’ll just keep the tidbit about me being a human to myself. I wouldn’t want to make them think I was prey. Even if they keep looking at me like I’ll make the perfect dinner. Or would that be dessert?

Lesson Two: Staying True

Release Date: October 10, 2019


Lesson Two: Stay true to yourself

I want to think the hard part is over as the first day of school begins. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Others want to twist my arm, force me to do what they want. Too bad they forget I’m Adeelah Neutral, and I’ve always been a fan of burning bridges. Rophan, Alto, and Archon agree with me as they snarl at anyone approaching with even a flicker of a thought of harming me.

For students, the first day of school is the worst, no one knowing what to expect. For Monster Academy, it’s even more dangerous as Naturals with old and budding feuds clash. It’s my job to keep them under control. Now if only the idiots trying to rile them up will stop.

Oh, and I can’t forget the person who managed to sneak onto campus. Their intent is unknown, but it won’t be for long. I’ll find them and make them spill all their dirty little secrets.

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