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Monster Academy

Meet Adeelah Neutral, the founding headmistress of Neutral Academy. When the Natural community is violently unveiled to the human world, it falls on Adeelah and the Neutral family to find peace. Adeelah's solution? Neutral Academy! A place for Natural children to learn and grow in a safe environment.


Will you join the headmistress in protecting the kiddies?


Join in on this Academy series with a twist! This isn't a story just about young impressionable children, but about the headmistress who has taken up the challenge of shaping them into who they will become.

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Newest Release

Be patient, it'll all come to light in due time.

Someone is making a bold move against me, testing my patience. Maybe it's because we've been going easy on people recently as the Neutral Family. Maybe it's because they see me as the most vulnerable in my family. Either way, someone out in the abyss is making a very dangerous move. I can only hope that once we resolve this, all the pieces will fall neatly into place, but something is telling me it won't be that simple.

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