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March 2022 Check-In

Happy March! It's my first check-in on my blog! I usually do these on my Facebook page, but I wanted to branch out, so here it is. Blog #2, but 1st as a check-in. Isn't this neat! 1. Lesson Three: Fighting Bravely – Monster Academy 3 is now live and wracking up some good reviews! Give it a buy at your favorite online retailer. 2. Working on All the Discord things – paperback and promotional materials. Getting ready for the March 28th release date. Be sure to preorder now if you haven’t! 3. Also looking into making hardcovers for Needing Harmony series, so working on that too! I think it’d be cool to have these available for hardcover for those who want them. 4. Catching up on book covers so that’ll be making its way out slowly over the next couple months for all those books missing their paperbacks. 5. I really suggest you follow my YouTube channel. Needing Harmony is a very YouTube friendly series. *wink wink*

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