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Book Insights: All the Discord

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

I'm excited to announce that All the Discord has finally been released today! What is there to say about this book other than that it has been an emotional roller coaster to write, and I hope for others to read.

I began writing this book in April 2016! I actually can't believe that I've been working on this series for so long. Back then, I was writing it to share on Wattpad, and as I continued to write it, I realized how much I loved the story. And in 2018, when I began officially self-publishing, I decided to release it wide for everyone. So I did. Today. Right now.

This series will be 4-5 book long, so it'll be a nice hefty series full of feels, drama, and healing. While writing this, I had to step away mentally from it repeatedly, but also had to focus on it mentally. This became a series I wrote when I was at a low. It's still the project I jump to when I'm depressed, sad, and need to work through my feelings. I can't begin to explain how often I cried while I wrote this. It was oddly therapeutic and helped me through my own emotions.

Interesting Facts:

  1. In the original Wattpad version, Cadence was actively being abused. As I rewrote it, I decided I didn't want to write another abuse story, but one that dealt with afterwards. She's away from her abuser (for the most part) and now she gets to heal and work through the trauma.

  2. In the original Wattpad version, I used mashups of actual songs, but didn't want to get in trouble, so I wrote my own lyrics for the book! All those lyrics are a Jaliza original! Writing lyrics is hard. Extremely difficult. My songs were first more like poetry or jagged thoughts, but as I researched and learned, I was able to smooth the lyrics out more. Frankly, the lyrics weren't really official right up to the very day I uploaded the manuscript to be released.

  3. All full songs in the series will be made into actual songs! I already have 3 songs done, one of them already up on Youtube to be heard. Give it a listen. The other two will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

Themes that this series deals with:

  1. Child Abuse - Cadence was abused, and not all the guys have the best past either. This series explores what child abuse is, and can be, and how people deal with it. Abuse is never the same, there is no mold for it, and people react to it differently. Cadence has a lot of conflicting emotions she has to work through when dealing with her mother and her own thoughts around the abuse that was forced on her. Some of the guys still suffer from their own pasts too. It's probably the biggest theme of this series.

  2. Music - Music is therapeutic for a lot of people. I know sometimes, I need to put my headphones on, blast some music, and just listen to it, letting myself get lost in the lyrics and beat of it, allowing it to drown out everything else going on in my life. This holds true for Cadence too. Music is literally her life. She lives it, breathes it, sings it. She feels she is her best self when she's making music. And so it becomes that thing she needs to stay herself. In this series, you'll get dark, sad lyrics, lyrics meant to make you think and feel and wonder. I hope I do this justice. This series doesn't just touch music, it holds it, caresses it, explores it, and blasts it out for all to hear.

  3. Reverse Harem - What is there to say about this? One girl (Cadence) and the five boys who insert themselves into her life and support her. This is a glacial reverse harem. Cadence isn't instantly ready for boys, and frankly, some of them aren't ready for her too. So it's a slow burn exploration of friendship, love, and trust. Trust created, trust broken, trust reformed.

This is a big project for me. I'm throwing everything into it, from writing the songs, to turning them into songs, and making videos so readers can have easy access to them. I'm also looking into other events that I'd like to do for this series, like a charity event, and also the swag.

The first book is out, but there is still so much more work to do. Will you join me on this journey?

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