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Behind the Scenes #1: NH3 Revisions

Okay, I'll acknowledge, I'm a terrible blogger. I'm also terrible at social media. It happens. BUT being terrible at those means more time to write...right?

As I was staring at words, this idea came to mind. Behind the scenes! Really, there isn't too much craziness going on in terms of the writing world. I stare at Google Docs and pretend to know what I'm writing. But here's a little something:

This is where I currently stand while in REVISION mode. What does this mean? I wrote a whole story with a beginning, middle, and end. And now, I need to go through and pretty it up as much as possible. I can't procrastinate anymore (I say as I write a blog post just so I can not work).

There are scenes I skip over and leave for Future Jaliza to deal with. This is such a scene:

I still have a whole scene to write since Future Jaliza has become Current Jaliza who needs to deal with it. Fun and loving. I keep trying to remind myself to keep this fun and loving. Other than this, I have a Paxon POV I also need to insert somewhere in this monster of a story. Somewhere. Anywhere. It'll exist eventually, definitely before I send it to my copy editor next week. (<<Does this mean I'll be releasing this soon!? I should get my preorder up.)

Anywhere, enjoy this little dose of Behind the Scenes! Until next time.

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