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Behind the Scenes #1: NH3 Revisions

Okay, I'll acknowledge, I'm a terrible blogger. I'm also terrible at social media. It happens. BUT being terrible at those means more time to write...right?

As I was staring at words, this idea came to mind. Behind the scenes! Really, there isn't too much craziness going on in terms of the writing world. I stare at Google Docs and pretend to know what I'm writing. But here's a little something:

This is where I currently stand while in REVISION mode. What does this mean? I wrote a whole story with a beginning, middle, and end. And now, I need to go through and pretty it up as much as possible. I can't procrastinate anymore (I say as I write a blog post just so I can not work).

There are scenes I skip over and leave for Future Jaliza to deal with. This is such a scene:

I still have a whole scene to write since Future Jaliza has become Current Jaliza who needs to deal with it. Fun and loving. I keep trying to remind myself to keep this fun and loving. Other than this, I have a Paxon POV I also need to insert somewhere in this monster of a story. Somewhere. Anywhere. It'll exist eventually, definitely before I send it to my copy editor next week. (<<Does this mean I'll be releasing this soon!? I should get my preorder up.)

Anywhere, enjoy this little dose of Behind the Scenes! Until next time.

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Jul 07, 2023

I stumbled across the Needing Harmony series a few months ago and really enjoyed it. When the end of the second book said the sequel would be up early 2023, but there was no mention of it and all your socials were quiet, I got worried. Glad to see you still writing away.

Good luck on the revisions. :) I preordered Losing Harmony and can't wait to read it.

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